21 January 2010

she's back

Yes, it is mfebber, returned to the bus blog. Over the last 6 months I had to move my mother to a retirement community and then to a dementia care facility. The dementia thing is an ongoing communication gap - figuring out reality from delusion, hallucination and beyond. It created havoc in all aspects of mother's life as well as mine and left me not wanting to do much of anything - including post to a bus blog. Things have settled down somewhat and my interest in life and things non-dementia are returning. Hope to start posting regularly again.

No on-board bus news today since an early dentist appointment put me behind the transportation power curve and I drove to dentist then work. However, the demise of the 66 bus route constitutes the biggest bus blog news of the year. Blame it on hard economic times and low ridership on the 66. The 66 route always ran on streets also serviced by other routes, a redundancy that never quite made sense. With the recent change, the 72 remains the only bus traveling on Rural, the 92 the only bus on Guadalupe and the 65 the only bus on Mill. Losing the 66 reduced my really convenient bus options somewhat; however, I find the one-mile walk to the 72 stop at Rural and Guadalupe to be a stress-relieving, waist-trimming benefit. Come the high heat days of summer, I might resort to the 81/light rail combo, but for now the walk to the 72 works for me.

Rain is our new best friend in the Valley of the [I-can't-see-the...]Sun - supposed to have 24-36 hours straight rain! Quite a phenom for the area - over a year's worth of precipitation might fall in one week. Makes for a damp wait at the bus stop, but offers high hope for beautiful desert flowering come spring time.

Welcome back, mfebber!


Busboy said...

Very happy to see you back!

cogidubnus said...

belatedly, likewise....