22 January 2010

Riding the combo

Yesterday, my umbrella exploded and died -- most likely dry rot. The significance of this to a bus blog, you ask? The lack of umbrella and the constant rain required me to evaluate my transportation options. Taking the 81/light rail combo enabled me to cover less distance to the bus stop while passing by my neighborhood Walgreen's where I could stop in and secure a new umbrella - ha! Walgreen's, as I feared, was completely sold out. Oh well, nice idea.

I enjoyed the 81/light rail for a change. I don't get as much exercise, but the dash for the train from the bus adds an exhilaration that almost makes up for the lack of distance walked. A disabled woman on a scooter boarded the 81 and from her conversation with another woman, I gleaned that she worked downtown, transferring, too, to the light rail. A rain slicker covered her pretty well and I admire her perseverance getting around in this miserable weather. Need someone to invent a convertible top for electric wheelchairs - be good for rain or, in Arizona, excessive sunshine.

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