01 April 2009

4114, I think

Fun ride home yesterday on the 66S. We boarded with a young man wearing a chef's coat and Jim asked where he worked. The man told us he served as sous chef for the caterers at the Phoenix Civic Center. I asked if he applied to appear on “Top Chef” and he said no, but he came from New York and worked at 'kraft, Tom Colicchio's flagship restaurant. For the curious, Colicchio serves as head judge on “Top Chef”, a reality competition show on Bravo where 15 chefs compete for a large cash prize and all the publicity a fledgling celebrity could ever desire.

This young man and I chatted until he got off the bus. He graduates in May from ASU with a BA in nutrition, school paid for by his employer, Marriott. His next step includes the Culinary Institute of America in New York. He seemed quite passionate about his chosen career and, if enthusiasm counts, will enjoy success. How nice to spend time talking with someone so positive - how nice to enjoy a chat on the usually quiet bus.

Bus trivia note – At the Tempe Transportation Center, routes 62 and 66 share a shelter. While waiting for the 66 yesterday, the 62 pulled in, the driver got out, went around to the front of the bus, did something and the door closed. He sprinted for the restroom and Jim, an even more curious person than me, went to the front of the bus to see how the driver closed the door. He reported back about a little door which opened to reveal a button inside. I asked Jim to open it again and took today's photo. When the driver returned, he again went to the front of the bus and opened the bus door using the hidden bus door button. I think I have seen drivers close/open the doors manually - must work like DVD drives - the preferred method uses the button, but pushing gets the job done, too.