27 December 2007

back in the saddle . . .

Greetings, greetings, greetings - been awhile since this blog has seen a new post. Work became incredibly busy and I needed to let this go. Things have settled a bit and I miss making my weird little pictures and opining about my daily rides with Valley Metro.

The 81 northbound occupies my ridership these mornings. A fire at the Memorial Union, here on campus, closed my favorite coffee shop, so I started getting my morning brew at the Einstein Bros shop across the street from the bus stop. They serve a lovely winter blend coffee that opens my day with a gentle push. Not sure what I'll do when winter ends - hope they brew an equally lovely spring blend. Desert mornings can chill through to the bone and a nice cup of coffee keeps the internals going.

I took a class in the fall semester on Thursday evenings - since it kept me later at work, I started taking the 7:57am bus so I didn't end up with a 12-hour work day. Roy runs the 7:57am 81N employing stellar customer service. He recognizes regular passengers, always offers a pleasant greeting and makes every attempt to wait for passengers transferring from other buses. I haven't seen him handle an aggravated customer, but perhaps that's due to his personable nature. Nothing to get passengers riled about.

Today's image tells it all. I donned full coat, gloves and scarf this morning - temperature was 38 degrees (F) with a NW wind at 20-25 mph. Brrrrrrr says it all.