19 November 2008


Rode the 7:57am 81N today along with a minimum number of riders. Guess the new low gas prices encourage driving; however, ASU's parking space deficit remains the same so not sure where the cars end up.

Aromatics filled the bus today - whew! A woman got on and her smell preceded then followed her. I believe every bath and beauty product she used smelled of fruit or flowers and the cumulative effect almost knocked me over as she swept down the aisle. One must wonder if she suffers headaches and asks herself, why?

Just as my olfactory system began to recover, a young man boarded and I swear the air actually rippled from the waves of cologne/after-shave emanating from his person. Why does anyone need to use scent by the gallon? Alternative to bathing perhaps? He sat across from me, making escape from the intense aroma nearly impossible. Sanctuary does not exist on a bus. When we got off the bus at College, he walked down the street in front of me and the smell lingered, a half block away.

At least I think it came from him . . . might be infused in my hair and clothes - oh my.

14 November 2008


Took some vacay time - out-of-towners and memorable events - back to status quo. Caught the 7:57AM 81N at Guadalupe and McClintock. No energy for a morning walk, so will probably take the 72 home to get mileage.

At Southern, a woman stepped on the bus holding a large Starbucks coffee. Her grip indicated a full cup and since a Starbucks sits quite near the stop, logic dictates she probably just made the purchase. The driver told her she couldn't bring the coffee on the bus, only hard cups allowed. She just stood there, looking at him, then looking at the coffee, then looking around the bus, then back at him, etc. She did a couple of 360s and then stepped off the bus, walked over to the shelter and tossed the cup in the trash can. She got back on the bus and sat down - all without saying a word. She looked dazed and confused - perhaps not enough coffee yet consumed to help her evaluate what just happened. I completely understand why they discourage paper and light plastic cups of drink on the bus -- a sudden stop, an extra clench on the cup and the spillage scenario unfolds. It crossed my mind that maybe the driver could mention the next bus picks up in 15 minutes - give the drinker-rider an option?

Anyway, we travelled on and a couple of stops later the coffee-toting woman engaged in conversation with another passenger. From what I overheard, I could tell she rides the bus regularly - giving advice to the others about connections and routes. Certainly seems she would know about the bus cup rule. Of course, a lack of caffeine might result in early morning brain confusion and absentmindedness - like forgetting the no paper cup rule. You can't drink coffee from a paper cup on the bus, but you need to drink the coffee to help remember that you can't drink coffee from a paper cup on the bus ... a bit of a catch-22.

Saw my friend Devesh at Wildflower last night - he works in downtown Phoenix and I asked if he used public transport. He advised he didn't include the bus in his transportation plan; however, he does read the blog (hi Devesh!). He did show me his bus pass. Good intentions - perhaps we can win him over to a bus-light rail combo in the future.