05 August 2008

#64 something

Once again on the 7:57am 81N and still quite benign. Memories of great rides on the 66N haunt me and I think I might try using that route for my "to work" leg to see if it harbors more interesting events than the 81N.

Today's route wasn't totally without interest. We had a driver-in-training with the regular driver in the role of trainer. The newbie handled the bus very smoothly, only questioning when and where to stop. As we moved west on University, I heard the trainer tell the trainee to pull over at the Chompie's sign, he needed a restroom break. Chompie's is a local deli, known for excessively large sandwiches, great soups and specialty deli breads. The menu reads like a Seinfeld script, including my favorite - the chocolate babka (both Seinfeld and bread).

Not previously aware that the drivers used Chompie's as a break stop, I wondered if perhaps passengers could get off, accompany the driver into the deli and make purchases while he took care of his business, What a lovely customer service idea! We could even phone our orders in as we approached the deli (a good use of cell phones on the bus) and thus avoid schedule delays. A champion plan and I think Valley Metro should give it full consideration.

Silly girl.