01 June 2009


Two trips on the 66 today - going and coming to ASU. This morning, only four other riders joined me; the airport Super Shttle gets more passengers. First summer session classes started today (I think) and I expected more riders. Perhaps my timing doesn't mesh with summer students.

Riding home, I shared the top back of the bus with two large couples who occupied over half of the upper back area. They intertwined with one another, spreading legs, arms and butts all over the back and side bench seats. Their postures implied area ownership, but I braved their potential wrath and sat opposite, smiled and whipped out my knitting. They never moved, never said a word to me or each other, just sprawled widely and got off the bus around Alameda. What a controlled display of body/mouth non-movement. Wondered about a drug-induced haze, but they popped up and got off promptyly at their stop -- not easily accomplished while under the influence.

The Arizona summer arrived with the usual blast of outside heat and inside freeze. A direct mathematical situation occurs - the hotter the outside, the colder the air conditioning. It makes life difficult dressing for outside travel and sitting inside. I decided I need a lightweight, summer shawl; something to toss over my shoulders or legs when indoors, but easily carried while outdoors. Today's image is a picture of my shawl-in-progress, taken on the bus. I actually wanted to get a picture of the sprawlers but couldn't get the knitting and their oversized torsos in the same picture. Oh well.

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cogidubnus said...

Clearly you need a wide-angle lens!